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A tale of survival and unlikely friendships in the post-Break city of Lord Legion's Baltimore.

“There’s a music to the universe, you know. It’s there, if you can just learn to listen. A drumline echoing up from the earth, like a heartbeat at the center of the world. A melody of notes, dancing through the trees on tomorrow’s breeze, questioned and answered by the tiny harmonies of life unfolding in unique bursts of sound. And the stars…”

“What about them?”

For a long moment, William was quiet. CJ thought he might have drifted off to sleep, as he sometimes did, but eventually he spoke again, his deep voice quiet and almost reverent.

“Most of them are distant and silent things, quiet and ever-watchful,” he finally said, “but a few of them… a very few… long ago, they learned to sing.”



A bloody little job in the post-Break South, as the mercenary known as the Queen of Smiles goes hunting for payback. A glimpse into the life of one of See These Bones' breakout characters, in the days before she met Damian and became part of The Murder of Crows.

"There are worse places in the world than Mobile, Alabama, but I can count them on two hands and still have fingers left over. More rubble than city since Hurricane Carrie swept in out of the gulf—given direction and one hell of a push by a Weather Witch with an axe to grind—it’s a wonder that anything lives in the wreckage other than rats and roaches. But that’s the thing about humans; they’re survivors. If they weren’t, they’d never have gotten so damn good at killing."




In the post-Break world of superpowers, Los Angeles is a city divided between the haves and the have-nots, the rich and the poor, the Capes and the Black Hats.

But there is a secret organization working in the shadows of the underworld. The Company focuses on illicit profit instead of mayhem or fame.

Clive Treeble isn't a Power. He isn't much of anything at all, other than a petty criminal struggling to hold on to his mother's house.

Until the day an old acquaintance reaches out with an offer. The Company needs a man for its latest heist. Succeed and Clive's future is assured. Fail and the city might not be big enough to hide in.



“Eighty years old if she’s a day, drinking from a cup that never runs out of tea, in front of a house that was old and decrepit when the Break hit. And nothing around her and that house for miles and miles but radiated wasteland."

The short story we've all been waiting for...




What happens when the dream you've worked your whole life for goes up in smoke?


A glimpse into the lives of the Free States' Ones and Twos, those Powers who failed to qualify as Capes, but whose efforts remain vital to keeping the country's infrastructure afloat.

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