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the murder of crows

A thrilling new trilogy set in the post-USA world of superpowers, The Murder of Crows follows orphan Damian Banach as he tries to come to grips with his own necromantic abilities, while avoiding the insanity that doomed every Crow before him. There are some wars you can't walk away from, and some fights you can't survive. The jury's out on whether Damian will end up as a Cape, Black Hat, or something in between, but one thing's for certain; he's going down swinging.

the many travails

of john smith

The Many Travails of John Smith is a seven book urban fantasy series, starring John Smith, a San Diego private investigator who takes a career detour into the field of mediation and quickly finds himself dealing with powers he never knew existed.

Warning: This series contains a healthy dose of humor, the occasionally unavoidable blood bath, punk rock vampires, environmentally-conscientious werewolves, Netflix-addicted zombies, an ambulatory asparagus, and one much-loved Toyota Corolla that really doesn’t deserve the many indignities heaped upon it.

stories from a

post-break world

A collection of short stories and novelettes from the universe of The Murder of Crows, offering a glimpse into life outside the Academy and across the war-torn remnants of what was once the United States of America.

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